Welcome to the Chico Creek Nature Center, the gateway and official information center for Bidwell Park.

Handicap Accessibility

Wheelchair accessible picnic sites

  1. Vallombrosa at Mangrove, both sides of the Mangrove bridge
  2. One Mile group picnic area
  3. Cedar Grove (group)
  4. Lower Park sites: 6, 12, 14, 15, 17, 19, 20, 26, 27, 28, 30, 33, 34. The Lower Park sites have adjacent parking and crushed-rock pathways.
  5. Five Mile Recreation Area
  6. Wildwood Park (at entrance to Upper Park)

Wheelchair accessible restrooms

  1. CARD Center (inside the building)
  2. One Mile Recreation Area
  3. Cedar Grove
  4. Chico Creek Nature Center (inside the buildings)
  5. Hooker Oak (portable)
  6. Five Mile Recreation Area
  7. Wildwood Park (at entrance to Upper Park)
  8. Horseshoe Lake lot E (portable)
  9. Petersen Drive Park entrance (portable)

Paved handicapped parking

  1. CARD Center
  2. One Mile north of Sycamore Pool
  3. One Mile group picnic area
  4. One Mile in cul-de-sac south of pedestrian bridge
  5. Caper Acres
  6. Cedar Grove
  7. Five Mile
  8. Wildwood Park
  9. Horseshoe Lake
  10. World of Trees Independence Trail
  11. Horseshoe Lake Fishing Pier
  12. Chico Creek Nature Center


The paved roads on both sides of Big Chico Creek in Lower Park are usable for wheelchairs. This is especially true before 9 a.m. on South Park Drive and Peterson Drive before 11 a.m., when the roads are closed to vehicles, and all the time on the closed section of South Park Dr. (between Caper Acres and Cedar Grove). The World of Trees trail at Cedar Grove is accessible, as well as loops around Wildwood Park and Hooker Oak Recreation Area. The new Horseshoe Lake fishing pier and the Chico Community Observatory are both accessible.

For more information re: accessibility, please visit: The Friends of Bidwell Park website.