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Current Art Exhibit

Paula Busch's "Waxwings"

Ongoing at the Janeece Webb Living Animal Museum and Howard S. Tucker Exhibit Hall..

About the exhibit:

The "Waxwings" pieces were inspired by local neighborhood birds with which the artist associated special names in accordance with their personalities. Using the encaustic (beeswax) medium, she can carve, paint, inlay, and transfer images onto the multi-layered surface of the wax.

Paula says of her work: "These are my bird friends. They come to my Northern California yard or they fly high above it (Speculation).  They eat at my feeders (Consideration and Contemplation) or sit at my window sill (Jaunty) demanding peanuts. These avians are companions while I work in the studio. I did not want to make images that were sentimental, cute or illustrative but rather ones that would capture the birds with an emotion usually attached to people. I have also taken much liberty with the color, pattern, and designs of their plumage. An ornithologist would be taken aback."


“It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds.”



About the artist:

Paula has been creating art for over 40 years and has exhibited throughout California.

After receiving an art degree at the University of California at Berkeley, Paula completed a Master of Arts degree in Printmaking at CSU, Chico. She continues to live in Chico, teaches art at Butte Community College and works in her studio. She is enthusiastically involved with the activities of the large network of local artists.

Most recently, Paula has been working in the ancient medium of encaustic painting. "My primary focus was printmaking. I have been working in Encaustics for the past several years. The wax has pushed me to expand my visual language as it permits me to carve, embed, inlay, transfer and scratch into its surface. It allows for more depth than printmaking does because it lets me fuse layers of wax into a variety of textures and transparencies. I use a heat gun to do this. The Greek word Encaustic means “to burn in”. Incorporating bee’s wax from the Farmer’s market and mixing it with Damar resin I create my base. Also used are blocks of heavily pigmented wax and colored oil sticks. The medium is very permanent and is a treat to the sense of smell. While the imagery is diverse, references are frequently made to plant life and animal forms."

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