Board of Directors

 Bill Beckett, Acting President
• Lollie DeYoung, Treasurer
Jackie Musselman, Secretary
Jennifer Patten, Member at Large
Bob Voorhees, Member at Large
Lori Voorhees, Member at Large



Caitlin ReillyDirector
Cyndi Pereira, Assistant Director 
Taylor Beck, Camp Director and Office Worker 
Katelyn VonMosh, Camp and Homeschool Director •
Druin Heal, Field Trip Leader  
Jonah McInnis, Camp Director  

Kim Cox, Office Worker  

Kelsey Escobar, Curriculum Specialist and Birthday Party Leader 
Becca Belmonte, Homeschool Program Teacher and Specialist  
Brandi Hersh, Preschool Program Specialist  
Christine Hood, Homeschool Program Specialist  
Zack Cowan, Homeschool Program  Teacher and Leader  
Stephanie Elliot, Homeschool Program Leader  
Victor Ibarra, Homeschool Program Leader  


Job Announcements

Cover letters and resumes are always accepted at



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